LOCTITE® industrial lubricants offer protections for industrial plants and equipment.

  • To protect against friction and wear
  • To protect against corrosion by displacing moisture
  • Offer a lasting layer of coating on mechanical parts

Key benefits of using LOCTITE lubricants

  • Improved high temperature lubricant performance
  • Higher lubricity
  • Provides lubrication in extreme environments
  • Superior water-washout properties
  • Higher purity
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Anti-seize compound protects against seizing and galling

When it comes to choosing the right lubricant, it is important to consider the intended application as well as the environmental conditions to which the assembly will be exposed. Environmental conditions are critical to the successful selection of the right lubricant product. Factors including high temperature, harsh chemicals and contaminants may have an adverse effect on the expected lubricant performance.

Hot Promotions

LOCTITE ML-11 Multi-purpose Maintain Lube
LOCTITE ML-11 is a multi-purpose grease that can be used to clean parts, reduce noise, provide lubrication or prevent seizure. It is a light, semi-drying oil type spray suitable for many applications including vehicle parts, slide rail, tools and industrial machinery. Learn more...

NEW Anti-Seize Compound

LOCTITE anti-seize lubricants are typically the best choice for high temperature applications because of their unique ability to provide protection in extreme temperature conditions. More...

Corrosion Release

LOCTITE Freeze & Release

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