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High Performance Gasketing

A guide to Loctite performance gasketing solutions.

Pre-Applied Solutions for Automotive Industry

A portfolio of pre-applied threadlockers, sealants and coatings in automotive industry.

Loctite Adhesive Sourcebook 2017

(11.3 MB)

The complete source of Loctite® adhesives, sealants, lubricants, coatings and dispensing & curing equipment available only from Henkel Corporation.


ElectroCeramic Coating For Automotive

(1.7 MB)
A revolutionary new base coating for aluminum, magnesium, titanium and related alloys in automotive industry.
(SEA AT 005)

The 3D Value Package

(4.4 MB)
3D process improvements optimum for Aquence® 3D adhesives.

High Reliability Pb-Free Solder Alloy

(613 KB)
World's leading lead-free, RoHS compliant solder alloy accepted by global automotive industry.
(LT -6649)

Loctite® Fluid Compatibility Chart

(0.06 MB)

A Fluid Compatibility Chart for metal threaded fittings sealed with Loctite® Sealants.


Home Appliance

Home Appliance Solutions

(7.52 MB)

Adhesives, sealants and functional coatings for every step of your appliance manufacturing process, from forming and stamping to final assembly.


LOCTITE Equipment Sourcebook

(5  MB)

Henkel offers a complete line of dispensing and light curing equipment, which can be integrated easily into your manufacturing process.


Metal Packaging

Metal Packaging Solutions

Adhesives, services and technical expertise for the food and beverage container industry.


Lightweighting Capabilities

Adhesive solutions and support for your lightweighting needs, from design and manufacturing to customer assistance.


Automotive Exterior Solutions

Adhesive, sealant and surface technologies for automotive exterior component applications.


Henkel Automotive Display Solutions

(4.23 MB)
Dedicated solutions to support the manufacture of Automotive Display modules across the full assembly process of LCD/OLED and touch sensors.

Weatherstrip Solutions

A new generation weatherstrip product range focuses on improving both end performance and on-line processing.

Interior Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Engineering adhesives and assembly solutions for automotive interior systems and components.

Car Body Solutions Along the Entire Value Chain

A portfolio of sustainable solutions for car body assembly.

Teroson® Liquid Applied Sound Deadener (LASD)

Significantly reduces the structural born noise generated by the engine and wheels during the drive.

High Damping Foam (HDF)

Henkel's novel treatment for structure-borne vibration in body architecture.

Alternative Energy Vehicle

Alternative Energy Vehicle Systems

Adhesive applications for electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicle components and sustainable automotive systems.

Book Binder

Polyurethane Hotmelt for Graphic Arts Industry

An introduction to Henkel complete polyurethane hotmelt range for graphic arts industry.


PURHM Application for Shoe Bonding

Henkel PURHM shoe bonding automation system.

Loctite® FT 220

Quick shoe bond gap repair with Loctite FT 220 .


Pressure Sensitive Solution Acrylic Selector Guide

A guide to pressure sensitive solution designed for the toughest environmental demands.

Paper converting

Aerated Adhesive Solutions for Paper Converting

The benchmarking Aquence® adhesive aeration technology for packaging converters.


Food Safety in Tissue Converting Adhesives

Adhesives that meet food safety requirements for the tissue industry.


Hotmelt Solutions for Hygiene Industry

wide range of products for every step of hygiene product manufacturing process.


Solutions for Flexible Packaging

Safe and fast cure laminate adhesive for food packaging.

A Reliable Partner in Food Safety

Henkel's commitment in providing peace of mind for you and food safety assurance for your customers.

Henkel Converters' Academy

Henkel Converter's Academy is a certified professional training program for flexible packaging industry.

Technomelt® Supra 100 Cool

Hotmelt adhesive suitable for temperature sensitive food packaging.


Adhesives for the Building and Furniture Industry

A product selector guide for building and furniture applications.


Conductive Die Attach Films

Groundbreaking market innovation for more capable and cost-effective lead frame package designs.

Compact Camera Modules

A comprehensive portfolio of materials for all elements of camera module assembly.

Low Pressure Molding Solutions

Technomelt low pressure molding solutions.

Thermal Management Materials

High-performance, user-friendly products to address the thermal demands of today’s electronic devices.

Printed Electronics Inks and Coatings

A broad portfolio of conductive inks for handheld devices and automotive industry.

Semiconductor Underfills Solutions

A selection of high-performance, JEDEC–compliant, lead-free underfill technologies.

Electronics Assembly Solutions

A portfolio of semiconductor packaging, printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and advanced soldering solutions.

Printed Circuit Board Protection

A portfolio of printed circuit board protection materials.

Loctite® ABLESTIK ATB Series

A guide to die attach films for error-free die stacking applications.

Loctite® GC 3W

The market’s first-ever temperature stable water wash solder paste.

Loctite® Solder Wire Solutions

Features the award-winning multiple flux core technology.

Materials For Wearable Electronics

(2.54 MB)
A full portfolio of materials designed to facilitate the demands of wearable electronics.


Precise Edge Control LOCA Solutions

(942 KB)
Liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA) with precise edge control formulation for touch screens and large format displays


Water and Medical Filtration Solutions

Expert on process improvement in filtration industry.


Solutions for Mines and Quarries

(1.85 MB)
Keep your mining plants and equipment in top operating condition with Henkel solutions.

Polyurethane Adhesives

Polyurethane Adhesives for Industrial Assembly

(570 KB)
Henkel Polyurethane (PUR) solutions.

Specialty Vehicle

Work Truck and Trailer Solutions

(2.88 MB)
Overcome your design and manufacturing challenges in the production of specialty vehicle with Henkel.

Lighting Industry

Adhesives Solutions for Lighting Industry

(6.27 MB)
Adhesives, sealants and surface treatment solutions for the lighting industry.


Loctite® SF 7850 Natural Hand Cleaner

(1.48 MB)
Petroleum-free and artificial fragrance-free hand cleaner.



(3.2 MB)
General-purpose instant adhesive with excellent bond strengths.


Your LNG Solution Provider

(3.29 MB)
Reduce losses and emissions, improve efficiency, and gain competitive advantage with Henkel LNG solutions.

Pipe Repair

Cold Pipe Repair: Loctite® Composite Repair System

(1.23 MB)
Fast and economical alternative to pipe replacement.

Loctite® Emergency Repair Solutions

(823 KB)
Rapid solutions to mining emergency repair. 

Agricultural and Construction Machinery

Agricultural and Construction Machinery Solutions

(7.53 MB)
Adhesive, sealant and functional coatings technologies for the agricultural and consturction machinery applications.

Henkel Brochure

Adhesive Technologies

(1.83 MB)
About Henkel adhesives.


Loctite® SF 7900 Ceramic Shield for Welding

(1.67 MB)
An innovative ceramic protective coating for welding.

Maintenance Solution

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Solutions Guide

(10.11 MB)
Maintain, repair and overhaul to prevent future breakdown and failure.

Loctite® Sump Containment Repair Solutions

(2.68 MB)
A globally available 6-step repair process that is compatible with Shell’s fuel blends which reliably seals the containment area.

Surface Engineering Solutions

(4.81 MB)
A guide to rebuild and protect industrial equipment and surfaces, extending equipment life, improving efficiency, minimizing down time and reducing cost.

Industrial Centrifuges

A guide to rebuilding and maintaining industrial centrifuges.

Industrial Gearbox

A guide to rebuilding and maintaining industrial gearbox.

Industrial Pumps

(4.31 MB)
A guide to rebuilding and maintaining industrial pumps.

Industrial Shafts

(2.48 MB)
A guide to rebuilding and maintaining industrial shafts.

Maintenance Solutions for Industrial Asset

Solution guide to industrial asset maintenance and reliability.

Surface Treatment

Bonderite® 5992

(366 KB)
High corrosion protection coating for bare metal.

ElectroCeramic Coating For General Industries

(986 KB)
A revolutionary new base coating for aluminum, magnesium, titanium and related alloys in general industry.


Needle Bonding Design Guide

(4.75 MB)
A step-by-step guide for selecting adhesives effectively for a specific needle design.

Loctite® Flexible Cyanoacrylate

(707 KB)
The first flexible cyanoacrylates that maintains rapid cure speed and high bond strengths.

Adhesives for Medical Device Assembly

(9.63 MB)
Find the right adhesive for your medical device assembly process whether it is biocompatible, sterilizable, or one that meets a host of other performance characteristics.


Loctite® Threadlocker Stick

(329 KB)
The first solid form of threadlocking products that just got better.


Technomelt® AS 4226

(1.12 MB)
UV-stabilized therma plastic material designed for molding in optical transparency critical applications.

Technomelt® Molding

(1.25 MB)
Low pressure molding with hotmelt adhesives.

Structural Bonding

Structural Bonding Adhesives Selector Guide

(6.38 MB)
A wide selection of structural bonding solutions that meets different requirements and conditions in industrial design and construction.

Hybrid Adhesive

Loctite® 4090

(1.43 MB)
Innovative hybrid solution with speed and bond strength.


Powertrain Technologies

Adhesives for  engines, transmissions, axles, and related powertrain parts manufacturing.

Solutions for Metal Machining and Industrial Parts

Metalworking fluids designed to extend tool life, reduce wastes, improve quality and increase throughput.

Die-Casting Selector Guide

Full front-end solutions for metal forming and coating process.

Loctite® Freeze & Release

(1.26 MB)
Instant freeze on seized and rusted parts with Loctite solution.

Loctite® ML-11

(187 KB)
An introduction to Loctite ML-11 all purpose lubricant.

Instant Adhesives

Instant Adhesives Selector Guide

(1.69 MB)
A guide to instant adhesives.


Loctite® Retaining Compounds

(1.16 MB)
A guide to strong cylindrical assemblies.

General Manufacturing

Anaerobics Selector Guide

(3.07 MB)
A guide to threadlocker, threadsealant, gasketing and retaining compounds.

Resistant Coating

Loctite® Abrasion Resistant Coating

(694 KB)
A guide to abrasion resistant coating.

Loctite® PC 9340 Chemical Resistant Coating

(626 KB)
A guide to abrasion resistant coating.

Backing Compound

Loctite® PC 9020 Backing Compound

(791.62 KB)
A new and improved backing compound that significantly reduce odor and is more user friendly than traditional epoxy backing systems.


Adhesives and Sealants for Handheld Devices

(14.59 MB)
A guide for selecting the right adhesives and sealants for electronic device & display assembly.

General Assembly

Loctite Plastic Bonding Guide

(3 MB)
Select the right adhesive for bonding each types of plastic with this guide book.

Design Guide for Bonding Metals

(4 MB)
Select the right adhesive for bonding each types of metal with this guide book.

Design Guide for Bonding Rubber

and ThermoplasticE lastomers
(3 MB)
Select the right adhesive for bonding each types of rubber & thermoplastic elastomers with this guide book.


General Assembly Solution

(4.66 MB)
A guide to bonding, threadlocking, threadsealing, retaining and gasketing for general assembly.

Power Plant

Solutions for Conventional Thermal Power Plants

(1.16 MB)
Keep your conventional thermal power plants and equipment in top operating condition with Henkel solutions.

Loctite® Solutions for Power Plants

(8.26 MB)
Quick guide to reliability, longevity and cost reduction in power plants.


Loctite® High Temperature Portfolio for Refineries

(2.09 MB)
Henkel high temperature technologies for refineries.

Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry – Refineries

(2.1 MB)
Enhance reliability and increase efficiency in refineries with Henkel solutions.

Maintenance Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

(6 MB)
Henkel technologies in the oil and gas industry applications.
TH AG-004

Loctite Supplier Information

Shelf Life for Loctite® Products


Product Selector Guide for the Aerospace Industry

(1.19 MB)

The aerospace group of Henkel develops structural
adhesives and metal and composite surfacing
treatments that serve the aircraft OEM and MRO


Structural Adhesive Solutions from Henkel

(1.50 MB)

From one-component, heat-cured adhesives to two-
component, room-temperature-curing structural
adhesives, Henkel develops advanced technologies
and provides superior service to the automotive and
transportation industries.


Hysol® Core Splices

(0.50 MB)

A guide to Henkel Core Splices, a class of foaming
film adhesives. Key features, chemistries and
product configurations.


Structural Adhesive Solutions for Composite Repair

(576 KB)
Optimum solution for OEM and MRO partners in meeting the most rigorous industry requirements.